JET EXPO 2017 Trophies


Once set up as part of the quality process, the Best Practices are now fundamental to sustainability and corporate welfare matters. They are also the main key factors to our industries evolutions. Lot of companies - from the smallest to the biggest - are commited to it and currently invest in, but unfortunately few of them communicate about it.

To encourage the ditribution of these Best Practices in the whole industry, Jet Expo - in partnership with Cinet and Entretien Textile - is inviting the professionals of textile care and corporate clothing to participate in the 2017 JET EXPO Trophies.

Who can participate? (categories)

The contest is divided into 3 categories. Each category contains 3 Trophies : all the applications are welcome!

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The 3 Trophies:

3 topics have been selected for the contest.

When participating, you registrate under one category and you apply for the all 3 trophies. That is why we ask you to fill out the application form in its entirely.

Check the overview below :

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- Application forms must be sent back to the organizer before September, 8th.

- Registration is free of charge. 

- The Trophies Ceremony will be held on the first day of Jet Expo & Vet'Image show: Saturday 14th of October.

More information in the application form (including regulation).

I registrate!

The application form is french-written. Foreign companies can participate and answer in English.

Information, recipient:


Any further information, please contact :

Emmanuel VIOLLET 

Application forms recipient:

Please send back your application file (entirely completed) to:

SATEXPO - Trophées Jet Expo 2017
253 rue du Faubourg-Saint-Martin
75010 Paris - FRANCE