In France, one worker out of 3 is dressed by his company. As a matter of fact, more and more executives want their employees to reflect the company's image and values. Clothes also have to ensure a certain level of comfort and protection. These are the main reasons why the corporate clothing sector has been growing that fast over the past decades.

     This competitive market is also changing a lot. Beside the usual high volumes ordered by the biggest companies, a new kind of demand is now asking for more customization and comfort, with higher quality.

     The different actors of the sector were used to the atomization of the french market. Now they seek cooperation and are looking for partners to face the changing demand in terms of innovation, customization, textile care and CSR.

VET'Image aims to gather these stakeholders, broaden the networks, and complete the value chain by integrating the professionals of the textile care industry that will visit JET Expo.