Jet Expo & Vet'Image Partners

Jet Expo & Vet'Image beneficiate from strong partnerships :

- professional organizations that take part in different activities of the exhibition
- professional press and web medias that are currently relaying information about the exhibition


CINET is the international leading association for Professionals of Textile Care industries (PTC). It aims to represent the interests of 400 000 professionals worldwide.

French federation for retail and industrial cleaning companies. FFPB will hold some conferences and give professional advices.



French professional association for the launderettes owners.



COFREET is the French commitee issuing the textile cleaning symbols. Its mission is to ensure the well-understanding of the cleaning symbols. The five symbols for textile care are the property of COFREET and GINETEX.



It is the inavoidable magazine for all the professionals of textile care in France. Entretien Textile is co-organizing Jet Expo Trophees.


Hospihub is a french-written media for healthcare professionals created in 2013, particularly operating in the north of Africa.